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Do you want to feel more comfortable and empowered in your body? Are you struggling to shed those few extra kgs? Would you love more energy to do all those things you dream of?

As a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist I can help you today with your weight loss and quest for better health. I have been trained in administering an extremely effective technique that has been used successfully all over the world. This non-invasive and non-surgical programme is a safe option to weight loss that was pioneered by Sheila Granger, an internationally renowned Hypnotherapist. Virtual Gastric Band therapy originated in the UK where it has been trialled and tested extensively with profound and long lasting results.

While the medical procedure of getting a gastric band (or lap band) can involve long hospital waits and often a huge cost to reduce the physical size of the stomach, the Virtual Gastric Band works using hypnotherapy to retrain the mind into thinking that the stomach is smaller in size. This in turn allows you to change how you think about food, with your mind letting you know that you are full after a reduced food intake. You won’t need to miss out on your favourite foods, this is NOT A DIET (which often only work short term), this is a natural way of changing your life permanently by using the power of the mind and learning techniques to manage it.

Client Experience

October 2018

“I have struggled with my weight for the past 10 years. My health has really taken a battering as well as my confidence and self-esteem in this time. I am a mother to 3 beautiful children and my goal is to be lighter and healthier to ensure I am around to see them grow into the amazing adults they are destined to be.

I was extremely skeptical of how hypnosis would work online and as the programme cost was a big financial commitment for my family and I was so deflated about myself, I was petrified to embark on another “fad” that we had financially committed that might turn out to be unsuccessful.

Amazingly for me this was not a “fad” and hypnosis online with Lesley was the exact thing my life needed for me to successfully release the weight I no longer needed to carry around with me.

Right from the beginning Angel helped me find what was going to be my drive forward and week by week helped me to release the thought patterns that were continuing the cycle of “failed weight loss attempts”.

Angel’s programme has been successful for me I in my first month I released a total of 6.6kg and I continue to release weight weekly. I have followed Angels’s programme with ease and committing to listening to her recordings daily enables me to continue making realizations about the patterns and behaviours that have kept me large and unhealthy for the past 10 years.

At 31 years of age and a working mum of three Angel’s programme has given me a brand new lease on a lighter and healthier life. I highly recommend if you’re ready to make a commitment to making a change in your life you get in touch with Angel.

Thank you Angel for guiding me through releasing the weight that I have been carrying around with me for many years both on my hips and in my thought patterns.”

Tamika – Nelson

January 2017

“I was 31 years old and had fallen into the trap of getting the “Dad bod”. I had become lazy and fed up with my body image, causing struggles to get my self motivated for physical activity. From a sporting background I didn’t really know how I had put on so much weight. When a work place losing weight competition was placed out for entries I just knew this was the time to finally do something about myself.

I approached Angel to see what she could do for me. She offered me the Virtual Gastric Band programme. She tailor made a programme to suit my needs, as I do shift work which made my eating more difficult. I had never done “hypnosis” before and it was very easy and relaxing. From the visits one on one to the recordings provided to listen too, it was very easy to follow and started working straight away!

It gave me a massive boost in mental drive to do physical activities and I started eating smaller amounts of food. It changed my mind set about food, I realised I didn’t need all that food! After the 6 week programme was up the results were staggering! I had lost a total of 16.4 kg in 6 weeks and had gone down 2 pants sizes! I released a total of 18kg .

Now over eighteen months later from doing the programme I have been maintaining the same weight ever since, so it really works!”

Jonathon – Nelson

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Virutal Gastric Band Services

To enjoy the benefits of this easy and effortless process you are started on the initial package. This involves four hypnotherapy sessions spanning four weeks (a one hour session per week) tailored to your needs and goals. This package includes written material for you to take away as well as a bonus two recordings to listen to at home.

The initial package comes at an affordable price of $595 and many clients have had remarkable results by adding on the support package which involves an extra 4 sessions for only $440. The support packages can be used weekly or fortnightly depending on the individual.

Angel is currently working nationally, please enquire about availability at a location near you.

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Angel Esvella

Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy (DipAdvHypno)
Member of International Hypnotherapy Practitioners Society (MIHPS)
Member of NZ Hypnotherapists Registration Board (NZHRB)
Registered Practitioner: Sheila Granger “Virtual Gastric Band”


Mobile: 021 129 2249

Angel is currently working nationally, please enquire about availability at a location near you.

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