Hypnotherapy is a simple technique that consists of varying suggestions or therapy given to you while you are in a state of hypnosis. Clients would best describe hypnosis as an increased level of relaxation, almost like you could fall asleep. Not surprisingly we experience hypnosis often just before we fall asleep and can still be in a hypnotic state when we first wake up in the morning. Although you will experience a deep state of rest, similar to meditation, you are not trying to clear your mind – instead the therapist works with you to give positive suggestions which you will focus on. This will assist you with achieving your goals through the subconscious. You are aware and in control at all times while working to re-programme your brain to better control any destructive habits that may be standing in the way of your hopes and goals.

Hypnotherapy has a range of uses. It can help out with exams, stress management, financial goals, building new relationships, sexual dysfunction and addictions such as alcohol, smoking and gambling. Clients have overcome their states of grief, dealt with their emotional issues, put in place management plans when it comes to pain, phobias have also been addressed (such as fear of flying) and released while using hypnotherapy. It can help with stop smoking, eating disorders, self-esteem issues, goal setting, as well as personal, sporting and business performance.

If you are looking for a therapeutic and successful way to break those bad habits and get your life back on the track you desire then hypnotherapy can definitely work for you.

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Hypnotherapy Services

If you are looking to stop smoking and improve your health, you can choose the 'Stop Smoking' package for $400. This includes the recommended minimum of three sessions with each session being one hour long. Individual sessions for Hypnotherapy services to target the area for improvement in your life are $150 each.

Angel is currently working nationally, please enquire about availability at a location near you.

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Angel Esvella

Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy (DipAdvHypno)
Member of International Hypnotherapy Practitioners Society (MIHPS)
Member of NZ Hypnotherapists Registration Board (NZHRB)
Registered Practitioner: Sheila Granger “Virtual Gastric Band”

Email: easylifehypnosis@gmail.com

Mobile: 021 129 2249

Angel is currently working nationally, please enquire about availability at a location near you.

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