Emotional Freedom Technique

The Emotion Freedom Technique is often referred to as ‘tapping’ and is known as acupressure for the emotions.  EFT is an easy and effect hands-on technique that has been used by millions around the world to alleviate fears, anxiety, stress, PTSD, phobias, guilt, insomnia and many more ailments. EFT combines the physical benefits of acupuncture with the cognitive benefits of conventional therapy to go below the surface and resolve emotional issues allowing the sufferer to regain a normal social and academic life.

This non-intrusive method can be used anywhere once learnt and is fast and easy to remember. Harvard medical studies have found that our brains stress/fear response, which is controlled by the ‘Amygdala’ part of the brain, can be lessened by stimulating the meridian points with acupuncture, acupressure and tapping.  EFT works by formulating a statement about how we are feeling at a particular time and rating the intensity of that statement.  This does not need to be a positive affirmation/statement as these are often dishonest and insincere which leads to many techniques failing to provide results. Using this statement we then cycle through 9 tapping points to clear away the intensity surrounding the issue and then re-assess our level of feeling. Depending on the client this may be repeated several times to regain a supporting mind set surrounding the identified issue.

Many clients have had fantastic results by dealing with their sub-conscious in this way and have benefited in more nurturing relationships, overcoming addictions and grief/fears, feeling more empowered with a heightened level of self-esteem, and they have made financial gains as well as achieving more of their goals. Angel has even seen clients become pain-free due to the work she has done with them.

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Individual sessions for EFT are $150 per hour.

Angel is currently working nationally, please enquire about availability at a location near you.

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Angel is currently working nationally, please enquire about availability at a location near you.

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